Market Proof Your Mindset with Matthew Ferry. 
BREAKING NEWS: The Top Agent Mindset Training Program is now included in Commission Lab!
So, you want to know how to market proof your mindset...
What's Next?
From Matthew Ferry
Orange County, CA

First, congratulations on getting to this page. 

Did you know that less than 3% of all licensed real estate agents ever invest in any kind of coaching to improve their skills as an agent?

And of those less than 3%, approximately 10% of those agents ever leverage mindset training programs to increase their income... so if you've made it here, then it's likely you're one of the 10% of the 3% who are, or will become the success stories.

So, now that I have the people I REALLY want with me...

I can start to share the REALLY GOOD stuff.
Matthew Ferry
Coach, Trainer, Speaker Author
Let Me Show You Everything You'll Get When You Join Commission Lab Today!
So here's the deal

When you join Commission Lab today you're going to have instant access to ALL of the following for $1... for 14 days.

Membership is $249 a month... but during our pre-launch (aka, right now!) you can secure one of our Charter Memberships for just $99 a month.

It's like having me as your on-demand coach 24/7.

So, what's in Commission Lab?

Glad you asked.
It all starts with Mindset Mastery
First up is Mindset Mastery.

Last year I made a list of the most common mental blocks that stop agents from doing more deals, and it turned out there are a dozen core reasons... or "mindset malfunctions" plaguing them. 

So, instead of showing you the commonly used, but ineffective things you could do to try and improve your mindset, I decided to give you my agent-tested, proven ones.

In this intensive video series, you're going to discover what the six mindset malfunctions are, why they impact you, and how to overcome them... using my proven step-by-step formulas.

Here's just a few of the game-changer things we cover in this program:
 The simple, straightforward explanation to why you avoid doing the things that you know will make you more money as an agent. Get this under control and feel empowered to take on projects you've been putting off... video 1
How an ancient part of your brain is behind your current level of income (and is the determining factor for stress, anxiety and worry). After I show you, you will never look at your business the same way... video 2
The one mindset shift that will instantly cause you to take more listings. And enjoy working with buyers and other agents more than you have in the past... video 3
Most agents, even those who are already successful, struggle with this common mental block. Once removed business gets easier and much more profitable... video 4
How you are following a set of rules that are causing you to miss opportunities, and lose money day after day, and week after week... video 5.
The simple 4 step process you will use over and over to shift back into an effective mindset, and increase your commission earning power... video 6.
And much, much more...
PREMIER PROGRAM #1: $4995 Value
The Commission Machine
PREMIER PROGRAM #2: $1495 Value
Get yourself into an effective mindset before engaging in any of the seven most profitable actions in your real estate business, and experience the results for yourself!
Next is The Commission Machine (formerly the Top Agent Essentials Collection)...

Inside this exclusive series you will find seven seemingly simple audio files.

But don't be fooled.

The Commission Machine will actually MAKE you money... if you let it.
  • The Mindset of Prospecting How different would your business be if you had an unshakeable Mindset for Prospecting? In this audio, I give you specific techniques you can use so you can easily pick up the phone or get out there and start door knocking.
  • The Mindset of Lead Follow Up You did it. You got a new, fresh lead. And you can’t wait to call them back and set up an appointment. Well that was yesterday. Today you aren’t so sure. The Mindset of Lead Follow Up puts you back in control of your business.
  • The Mindset of Listing Property Get into an optimal state so you are clear, calm and confident before, during and after the appointment. There is nothing better than nailing a listing presentation, and this audio makes sure your mindset is exactly where it needs to be. In the end, you get your mindset right and you will get the contract!
  • The Mindset of Closing More Buyers Have you ever thought about writing off buyers all together? The Mindset of Closing More Buyers transforms you into a ninja Buyers Agent. Learn how to change your mindset with buyers so your closing ratio goes up and the time you invest pays off. Don't write them off, write up a contract
  • The Mindset of Referral Business Some agents have it so easy, getting quality referrals week in and week out. So how do you cultivate referral based business? It can be a little tricky, but when used correctly, the tools in this audio give you the mindset you need to build a steady stream of profitable referrals.
  • The Mindset of Price Reductions You have a listing that isn’t selling. In your gut you know it’s overpriced. But day in and day out you are avoiding calling your seller and telling them - even though you know a reduction is the right step in getting their house sold. Learn how to make the call, and get the reduction and get the house sold!
  • The Mindset of Negotiating Becoming a truly effective negotiator requires the correct mindset. When your mindset is sharp, negotiating is fun and effective. When you mindset is off, well, you’ve been there. This final audio in the series giving you what you need to get the deal done!
And that's what you get to start...
See What Happens When I Coach Agents at the #1 Century 21 Brokerage in Florida... Live.
When the Beggins brothers Jeff & Craig asked me to train 200 of their agents we had one objective: Knock their socks off.

And that's exactly what happened.

No holding back. No soft-shoeing it. No dancing around.

Just hard hitting, honest, results-based mindset coaching you can put to use in your business, now.
  • The impact of having an ineffective mindset and what to do about it.
  • Why we keep doing the same things and expect a different result. Session 1.
  • The secret for making rapid changes in your behaviors.
  • Deepen your understanding of the psychology behind sales and what stops you from earning what you want.
  • The little known syndrome affecting agents without their knowledge (and the techniques to eradicate it) Session 2.
  • Investigate what happens to your business when you have an unstoppable mindset for prospecting.
  • Learn why mental toughness is not a sustainable solution for the resistance to prospecting.
  • Watch as top agents get coached on the hot seat in front of 200 of their peers (what happens may shock you).
  • Why hanging onto leads too long is mentally debilitating and should be stopped immediately. Session 3
  • What it means to be a Real Estate Scientist and how to use my process to get breakout results in your bottom line.
  • Overcome irrational fears (watch as one of the office's top producers confronts her fear of past clients!)
  • Leverage three innovative techniques for developing an empowering mindset
  • Determine your personalized place for implementing your first "commission stack." Session 4
  • And so much more!
PREMIER PROGRAM #3: $495 Value
"Great presentation. Inspiring. Just what I needed!
- Sandy Tams
"Thank you for sharing some of your steps to changing mindset. I am so happy I set aside time in my schedule to attend. I discovered a lot about myself during this session. Great day!"
- Angel Hill
Wow what a day. I very much appreciate all that you did. I have a new awareness of myself, my potential, what my business can do for me and what I can do for my clients. I should have taken this step early in my career." 
- Bob Dean
"I received the motivation to make more FSBOs and Expired calls. I plan on keeping the distractions at bay. I did get inspired. Matthew kept us awake and contributing. He was fun to listen to. He was funny and informative. He made me think about me and what to do and not do to sell more real estate and make more money."
- Kevin Miller
And, you get unlimited access to Mindset Mastery, The Commission Machine and The Mindset Makeover with your Commission Lab membership.
The goal of those 3 programs is to get you in the door... but after you're in, I want to continue to coach you each month as a member of Commission Lab.

Let me show you what you will get access to each month with your membership.
Membership Benefit #1: Get Inspired Again!
3 Inspirational Programs Sure To Inspire You Into Action 
($2389 Value)
By now, you've figured out that I am totally dedicated to showing agents how to use their mindset to their advantage.

Said another way, I want you to make your mindset an asset.

That's why included in your Commission Lab membership are three more programs, each designed to take your thinking and your income to the next level.
1st) The Courage To Double Your Income audio series
So many of us say we want to have a quantum leap in our income. But no matter how hard we try, there seems to be an invisible barrier.

Turns out there is.

Making more money takes courage. Most of us are NOT naturally wired to experience the discomfort, challenges and struggles that a big  jump in production naturally creates...

Until now. 

Inside this program I show you in detail EXACTLY why you've struggled to make more - so you have the tools and techniques to eliminate those barriers.

Get ready to get inspired and in action.
2nd) Look-Over-My-Shoulder From Breakdown to Breakthrough One-on-One Coaching Sessions with Trevor Baltz
What do you do when you are in a downward spiral, about to go completely broke and lose it all?

For Trevor Baltz, that meant making a radical investment in his mindset to ensure his head was in the right place during the biggest nightmare of his 20+ year career as an agent.

Watch as I systematically coach Trevor through the destruction, and out the other side.

This series is raw. It's real. And it puts a decades-worth of coaching skills to the test.

If you want to transform the way you look at and deal with the ups and downs of your business, this Top Agent Mindset exclusive will take you on an emotional roller coaster and prove once and for all the power of your mindset on your bottom line.
3rd) Top Agent Interviews - Mindset Transformations
Listen in as top agents share their from the heart stories about life before and after investing in mindset training.

Each interview gives a unique perspective, along with insights and ideas you can use to get the most out of investing your mindset.

In fact when you hear how Chris went from 50 deals to 100+... how Manish started at 9 deals, went to 25 then got on pace for 60 deals... and how Jacki made a quantum leap from $98,000 in income to over $200,000 in her 3rd year in the business, you will start thinking about how you might do it too.

It's these clients (and the others just like them who have used my Mindset Methodology found inside the Commission Lab programs) that inspired this next training that I've decided to add to the lab.
Let me give it to you straight. I've personally coached over 400 million dollar producers.

Each of them in a different market, with a different split, with a different average sales price.

And I can tell you with ABSOLUTE certainty, your skills as a agent will only take you so far.

Mindset is the hidden, little known and greatly misunderstood component of every successful agent's career.

Truth is, so many GOOD agents get stuck at a certain level... they max out their skills. That's where investing in your mindset really matters.

I created the next training for agents who are ready... Who want the freedom that more money affords... Who want less stress, more fun and the better life that comes with it.

Regardless of what you make now, I know you are capable of more. 

This training shows you how. (Whether you do anything about it is up to you!)

I am so excited we decided to include this in your membership.

Membership Benefit #2: The Short Cut To Making Over $200,000 A Year In Commissions Program
Video #1: The Success Paradox - The Hidden Cause of Agent Underperformance
Throughout this training I walk you through exactly what has been crippling your earning potential… showing you how and why… explaining every component.
And, I simplify brain science and show you exactly what is stopping you from taking productive and profitable action in your business….
… so you can begin to break free of fear, doubt and procrastination and finally become one of the highest paid agents in your market.
By the end of this video series you'll know exactly what to do to eliminate what has been holding you back... so consistently cashing commission checks will be a regular, easy thing for you. 

Video #2: Commission Killing Mindset Malfunctions
Ever wish... 
...someone would just lay it all out for you and show you exactly what has kept you from earning what you really want as an agent?
In this video I walk you through the Six Commission Killing Mindset Malfunctions, also known as Unconscious Reflexes and show you the mental processes behind them, so you can begin to see where they are holding you back in your real estate business.
I highly encourage you to watch the video with a pen and paper handy. Because this video is full of intense, unconventional information that most agents have never been exposed to.

Video #3: The Uncommon Path to Success 
Today we start dismantling the commission killing Unconscious Reflex called “Avoiding Failure.” Avoiding Failure is a particularly expensive mindset malfunction. In this training video I reveal how it’s costing you thousands each month.
And, I walk you through Jacki’s story… how she went from frustrated and exhausted to doubling her income and living the Top Agent Lifestyle. 
By the end of this video you will see how mindset is the one change that changes everything in your real estate business.
Next, I want to expose you a new way of looking at your lead gen.

This training is NOT about selling... it's not pitching you on ways to get leads.

Instead, I walk you step by step how I train top agents to THINK about how they get leads and the structures they put in place to ensure they have a consistent supply of leads to convert into deals.

Whether you have 1 or 10 lead sources in place right now this program will produce results for you.
Member Benefit #3: Lost Art of Commission Stacking
How to build a reliable income generating machine and live like you’ve won the lottery
So, I am always coming up with new ways to get my private coaching clients to look at and relate to their business to ensure they are inspired and in action.

My clients are successful in this business. They have systems and processes for getting and doing business, just like you do.

But as their coach, I am always pushing.

The Lost Art of Commission Stacking training program is the exact system I teach my one on one clients who want to LEVERAGE their existing real estate business to produce more results.

It's a very specific process, and a very specific mindset.

And, I've included it in The Lab, so you can get your hands on it too!
Video 1 - Increasing Your Income Year After Year: Commission Stacking Exposed

Video 2 - Engineering your Customized Commission Generating Machine; Separate Yourself From The Pack

Video 3 - Attaining Power, Profit and Peace of Mind: Living The Top Agent Lifestyle
Inside this program you will...

- Discover what a Commission Stack is and how they work

- Begin to look at your lead generation systems and actions in a new way, causing a rapid shift in your results

- Leverage my proven process for defining the areas of your business ripe for the largest growth

- Identify low-hanging fruit that is being missed in your current lead gen process

- Systematically add new lead sources in a consistent and intentional way

- Get inspired to produce more results with your current skills

Once you experience the mindset shift presented inside The Lost Art of Commission Stacking, you will never look at your lead gen the same way again.

Get ready for a radical new mindset for scaling your business.

Now want you to have a very special interactive training I call “Discover Your Core Motivation.”
Membership Benefit #4: Discover Your Core Motivation + Customized Action Trigger
The truth is, most agents never learn what truly motivates them, so they set goals and try ineffective ways to achieve them. 

There is a science behind what motivates us, and when we understand how it works, we can leverage it to our advantage. 

Plus once your Core Motivation is uncovered, I send you a customized “Action Trigger” in PDF form that you can print and hang in your office and at home to remind yourself what motivates you. 

This is an extremely powerful strategy to help keep the mind in check, and keep your focus on the actions that moved you toward achieving your goals and objectives.
Yes, You Get Unlimited Access!
As you can probably see, getting access to Commission Lab is like having me as your personal coach - giving you my proven processes for leveraging your mindset so you can have more success, faster!

You can see that I've loaded up the lab with everything you need to engineer a radical shift in your mindset, and enjoy all the benefits of living your personal top agent lifestyle.

Truth is I've invested over 20 years coaching agents one on one. Today, clients invest $30,000 a year to work with me personally. 

As a member of Commission Lab you get the benefit of all the tools, techniques and mindset strategies I've been testing and refining since 1993.

Are you getting excited yet? If so, then NOW is the time to take action...
Now, I've decided to sweeten the deal. Check out these four BONUSES you get as a member of Commission Lab...
BONUS #1: Top Agent Lifestyle Blueprint
If you are working days, nights, and weekends, and still don’t have enough time to in your schedule to get it all done, now you can get access the secrets Top Agent use and run your business so it doesn’t run you.

Let me introduce you to The Top Agent Lifestyle Blueprint, where you will...

Discover how to work less, and make more with a step-by-step guide to finally have the time for your hobbies, your family and for the vacations you’ve been putting off all in the next 30 days.

Why did you get into real estate? 
Was it to own your own business? 
Be your own boss? 
Make a lot of money? 
Have More Freedom? 

Do what you want when you want? 
Get rich? 
Live the lifestyle you have always desired?
What is the true goal of your business??? 

I think the answer is simple; The goal of your business is to provide you with the time, money and resources to have the the lifestyle you want...which I call The Top Agent Lifestyle.  

The goal of your business is not to take up your time, possess your mind and dominate your life… Yet that’s what happens to most agents when they get in the business.

And that’s why I’ve created the “The Top Agent Lifestyle Blueprint- How to set up your life and run the business so the business doesn’t run you.”
In this audio series, I systematically walk you through what holds you back from setting up your business and your life in a way that ensures you get everything you desire.

I show you, in fine detail, where you have accidentally created traps for yourself that cause you to work too many hours on parts of your business that don’t actually make you money. 

And, I give you a blueprint - the plans - to reconstructing your current business into one that makes it possible for you to actually experience all the things you wanted when you began your career.

This blueprint was developed after years and years coaching agents who were doing well financially, but the rest of their lives were suffering. The Top Agent Lifestyle Blueprint is the comprehensive plan for designing your business around your ideal life.
“Laser focus, high energy and right on the money. I have been able, in the first week alone, to see the difference it has made in ALL my day to day activities. This program is amazing and your teaching is a game changer…Rock on!” 
Chris Ferzoco RE/MAX at the Shore, NJ
"It is a killer course for those who wants to be top 5% of the Top Producer for life. It is a blue print you can't live without!!"
 - Li Wang, Coldwell Banker Silicon Valley, CA
I really enjoyed the blueprint. I have done 100s self help type programs and audio books - many of the information is simply regurgitating the same information. What I really like about your program is all of the original content and ideas. Just implementing a few of the ideas has propelled me to the next level.”
Dave Janis, Coldwell Banker Boulder, CO
Bonus #2: Creating Sales Velocity
In 2005 everything changed.

After becoming a master sales person (closing millions in sales, and reducing my close ratio from 1 in 400 to 1 in 4) I decided to share the philosophy that fueled my success.

The result: Creating Sales Velocity has sold over 20,000 copies and been nicknamed "The Sales Bible."
  • Accelerate your sales results with my proven techniques.
  • Learn to stop pushing and start attracting business to you.
  • Move into a state of extreme confidence and know that the success you desire is yours for the taking.
  • Open the flood gates and watch as referrals will start pouring into your life.
  • You've watched other sales people develop a Midas Touch. Now you can too!
BONUS PROGRAM: Unlimited Value
Bonus #3: More More More!
Look, the Commission Lab is an idea (a dream, really) that I've been thinking about for a long, long time. 

My goal is simple: give you access to proven programs that have produced breakout results for my clients time and time again. The Lab is your go-to resource for the ONLY 100% mindset training programs for real estate agents in the world. 

Check out this collection of additional resources and programs to ensure you are getting the most out of your membership.
Inside the Start Here section of your membership dashboard, you will find the Quick Start Guide, 20 Ways To Make More Money In Real Estate and other resources to accelerate your results.
Learn these secrets and make more money. Listen to these powerful live call recordings and hear exactly where agents are stopped... and hear the on the spot coaching they got to break-free! Apply these techniques to your business and see how these secrets impact your bottom line.
Powerful tools and techniques to keep your head in the game day in and day out. Inside you will find The Game Changer Process, The Failure To Fortune Formula, The Release Attachment Exercise and The Rule Breaker System, along with other surprise Matthew Ferry exclusives.
Listen five minutes before you take action on key money making actions. Make sure you are in an optimal mindset when closing buyers and sellers, and converting your database and leads. 4 short but deadly audios create instant mindset improvements.
BONUS #4: Closed Facebook Group Access
As part of Commission Lab, you get exclusive member only access to my closed Facebook group. This is the place to connect with me, and other Commission Lab members to collaborate, brainstorm, celebrate and get support.

Make the most of your Commission Lab membership by being an active member in my closed Facebook Group. The more you contribute, the faster you will market proof your mindset and increase your commission earning power.

Looking forward to seeing you in there!
MEGA BONUS: Monthly LIVE Coaching and Q&A Calls!
If you aren't convinced that membership in Commission Lab is for you, then what I am about to give will instantly change your mind. (It's OK if I over-deliver, right?)

As a member of Commission Lab you get unprecedented access to me, live.

The ONLY other ways to connect with me personally are through my P3 Academy, via my private mastermind group (currently closed and not accepting members) or as a one-on-one coaching client at a cost of $30,000 a year.

As a member of Commission Lab you get a monthly group call with fellow members for exclusive mindset coaching and a Q&A session. If you can't make the call, recordings will be posted inside the lab - so you never miss this priceless member bonus.
Now, Let Me Show You EVERYTHING You Get When You Join Commission Lab Today!
  • Mindset Mastery Intensive Video Training ($4995 Value)
  • The Commission Machine ($1495 Value)
  • Mindset Makeover ($495 Value)
  • The Courage To Double Your Income ($495 Value)
  • Look Over My Shoulder Coaching Sessions ($1495 Value)
  • Mindset Transformations ($399 Value)
  • The Short Cut To Making Over $200,000 A Year In Commissions ($495 Value)
  • The Lost Art of Commission Stacking ($495 Value)
  • Discover Your Core Motivation ($295 Value)
  • Top Agent Lifestyle Blueprint ($279 Value)
  • Creating Sales Velocity (Unlimited Value)
  • Mini Mindset Pep Talks ($129 Value)
  • Top Agent Toolbox ($499 Value)
  • Prized Secrets of Top Agents ($295 Value)
  • Bonus Training Calls (Unlimited Value)
  • Membership in Matthew's Closed Facebook Group (Priceless)
  • Plus... Member Only Monthly Coaching and Q&A Calls (Priceless)
Total Value: $11,861
Get Started Today For $1!
OK, what's the catch?
My motives are simple: As a coach, I've dedicated my life to helping my clients have the real estate business and the life they want.

Inside the Commission Lab you will find my proven processes for market proofing your mindset.

But don't take my word for it. I am offering you FULL ACCESS to Commission Lab for $1 for one reason: I want you to see for yourself how the mindset methodology I've developed over the past two decades cause an immediate shift in you (and in your income).

Start with Mindset Mastery. Take it in. Watch as your perspective about real estate changes, without your business changing at all. Experience first hand how my methodology transforms your thinking on the spot and gives you the unfair advantage you've been seeking for years.

That's why I am offering it for only $1, risk free!

Why Time is of the Essence...
Yes, this IS a limited offer, but beyond that, there is REAL scarcity that you need to be aware of...

1st) The $1 trial offer will not last forever.  It is our Pre-Launch pricing. Take advantage of this offer now, before it goes away.

2nd) Charter Member pricing of $99/mo (a 60% discount) is ending soon. We are selling out memberships fast, and as soon as we hit our target number, we will be raising the price. Charter Members will be grandfathered in at the discounted price. Other members will not.

So, NOW is the time to lock in your membership.
Is There A Guarantee?

I 100% guarantee that you will love the Commission Lab, or I'll give you your $1 back.

That's right. If during your 14 day trial you decide this isn't for you, simply send an email to Karen in Client Care, and she will refund your $1.

Sound fair?

And, if at any time you decide that you don't want to continue as a member of Commission Lab, you can cancel at any time. No questions asked (OK, we will ask for your candid feedback so we can continue to improve the lab!).

Pretty simple, right?
Here's What To Do Next...
Now, it's just a matter of finalizing the details. 

Simply click the green button below, and we can finally get started!

Thank you for taking the time to read this letter, and learn about Commission Lab. I am looking forward to seeing you in my private Facebook group!
YES Matthew! I'm Ready To Join Commission Lab Today!
PLEASE READ: MEMBERSHIP IN THE COMMISSION LAB is PER-PERSON.  Please do not share your log in information with anyone.

Your $1 trial ends in 14 days. After that, you will be billed $99/mo until you cancel. No contract. No refunds or pro rating.

The programs inside Commission Lab are Matthew Ferry & Top Agent Mindset exclusives, and are currently valued at $11,861. (Matthew is constantly adding new training programs and special bonuses exclusively for lab members!)

Access to Commission Lab is via a password protected website. Wifi required. No downloads. For your individual use only. If you have any questions, please contact Karen at clientcare @
Real Agents. Real Results.
“Other coaches talk about mindset...but nobody has it down like Matthew Ferry's Top Agent Mindset program.  I overcame the "everyone has the same leads” BS IMMEDIATELY and started calling expireds and I'm setting 1 to 3 appointments on a good day. Some days I don't set any appointments and this program has trained me to deal with it in a very effective way teaching us how our brain is working against us and how to train our brains to think in a positive way. After all setting appointments is 90% mindset, 5% who you talk to and 5% skills... Matthew has bridged the gap between the 90 percent that other coaches do not spend a lot of time on. I am grateful for this program it is already changing my life within days of using it.”
- Mike Targanski
Jeff Glover & Associates, Plymouth MI
"This is the only mindset training I know of that is specifically for real estate agents. It is extremely relevant to everything we do on a daily basis. It is so easy to get caught up in the general thinking of our industry. Matthew Ferry delivers a total mindset shift guaranteed to produce results."
Leigh Marcus
@properties Chicago IL
"I just have to tell you how PUMPED I am right now after doing a quick update and review of my numbers for this year. As of this coming Tuesday, I will have closed close to $71k in GCI. I've got $43k under contract with closings set between April to June, and I'm actively working on an additional $172k, with another $148k identified out beyond these numbers through 2016. Just with the numbers I noted that are for this year so far... I'll close $286,000 GCI for this year (so far). I did a total of about $124k GCI last year in 2014. Having just started with you in October of 2014, I would say this training has been WELL worth the money spent. THANK YOU!!!!!"*
- Rebecca Haas
RE/MAX Metro, Seattle WA

"There were leaps and bounds improvement once I started working on my mindset."*
Jenna Morton
Coldwell Banker SeaCoast Advantage, Jacksonville NC
“As a brand new agent I have spent most of my days in this business afraid to approach people. I lacked confidence. I was reading books, listening to training, attending workshops but nobody could tell me exactly what I needed to do to gain more confidence until Top Agent Mindset. About a month into the program I woke up feeling fearless. It was shocking. I followed up. I built new systems. I went for the close. And I got the signature on 2 deals. I am very happy with my return on investment. But the reduction in my fear is priceless. As a result I am more relaxed and I am finally enjoying the business.”*
- Daniel Davila
ERA Flagship Real Estate, Marco Island FL
“I am glad that most of my competitors don't know about this training. It just works too good.”*
Rocky Dole
West USA Realty Revelation, Maricopa AZ
P.S. In case you are someone like me who skips to the bottom of the page, then here's the deal:

Join the Commission Lab today for 14 Days, for just $1. Then, enjoy Charter Member pricing of just $99/mo (this includes membership in my closed Facebook Group).

And if for some crazy reason you don't love Commission Lab, simply cancel your membership at anytime.

Sound fair? Then what are you waiting for? Get started now.
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